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Apple fennel salad with curry and mint dressing

Apple fennel cucumber salad

I really love the flavour of raw fennel – it’s crunchy, savoury, and with just the slightest hint of sweetness, all of which making it perfect for any salad. I created a little symphony in green for this one, combining the raw fennel with a crisp Granny Smith and fresh cucumber. The mint and curry dressing though is what makes this salad so special, giving it a fresh, albeit warm and comfy flavour. Sounds odd? Just give it a try! Continue reading

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Refreshing watermelon salad with cucumber and green olives

Watermelon salad cucumber green olives

Watermelons are a perfect treat in the summer – sweet, juicy, and if you keep it in the fridge it’s always a great cool snack to feast on. And here comes the best part: You can not only use it for sweet dishes and deserts, but also for a crisp and tangy salad! The only rule you have to follow with this is that you use a rather sourly dressing to balance the sweetness of the watermelon, so go for a dressing that uses a bit more vinegar, lemon or lime juice as you would normally go for. I used balsamic vinegar for this salad, which is always a great combination with olives and makes a nice balance for the sweet fruit. To make the dressing even a bit more savoury, I added a few drops of Worcester sauce, though you can leave this out if you don’t have some in your pantry. Or be a little adventurous and us a little Tabasco instead – simply try what you like best! Continue reading

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Sushi course part 2: Inside-out rolls with white rice

Sushi course part 2 inside out rolls

So, I hope you all mastered part one of my little sushi course and are now experts in making maki rolls? Then it’s now time for a new challenge: inside-out rolls! These are a little more difficult to make (though we will use some kitchen foil to make it easier), so if you want to give them a go, maybe it’s best if you give the maki rolls a try first for practice. Since we need the rice to be more sticky than for the makis, I recommend using white rice for these. You can use whatever vegetable you like for the filling, I used ball pepper, carot, cucumber and beet root for the ones pictures above. Continue reading

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Sushi course part 1: Basic maki rolls with brown rice

Maki sushi with brown rice

I’m quite into sushi at the moment, and since eating take out all the time isn’t something I’m very fond of, I figured it couldn’t be to hard to make sushi myself. Turns out, it really isn’t! These maki rolls are filled with plain rice and a basic vegetable filling – I used cucumber and red ball pepper – though you can use whatever you like of course. There are much easier to make than inside-out rolls or other kinds, so I figured to start my little sushi course with these ones. I used brown rice for this, it’s slightly less sticky than white rice but works fine as a filling. I wouldn’t recommend using it for other types of sushi though, especially if you just start to make it on your own. Continue reading


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Cucumber radish salad with tomato and egg

Cucumber radish salad with egg

On hot summer days, I don’t want to cook a hot dish or spend a long time in the kitchen. But nibbling nothing but lettuce for weeks isn’t a great fun either, so I created a fresh summer salad with spicy radish and fresh cucumber, served along with a horse radish-topped egg. Bon appétit!

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