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Celery root, carrot and apple salad

Celery apple carrot salad

A few months ago, my food processor broke down and I had to buy a new one. Since then, every time I use my new food processor I always want to give myself a congratulatory pat on the back for choosing this one, because it is so amazing. The first time I used it, I threw all kinds of fruits and veggies in there just to test how long it would take to chop everything into teeny tiny pieces – mostly just a few seconds! Since then, I use my food processor almost every other day – it’s just so easy to just use it instead of grating carrots or other hard veggies by hand.

One of the dishes that are much less time consuming to prepare with my little kitchen helper is this tasty salad. Instead of grating the celery root, apple and carrots by hand, you can just throw everything in a food processor and Tadaa! Instant salad! (Though you can of course also grate the ingredients by hand.) Just make sure to process the apple on it’s own, as it will turn to mush if you process it with the harder vegetables. This salad works great as a main course, and you can also easily transport it to uni or to work as it’s keeps fresh and crisp for a few hours even without a fridge. Just give it a try!  Continue reading

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Fried celery ‘schnitzel’ with lettuce salad

celery schnitzel

Do you know what a ‘schnitzel’ is? In german speaking countries, ‘schnitzel’ describes a slim, boneless piece of meat that is first dipped in flour, then a beaten egg, and finally in bread crumbs before getting deep- or pan-fried. When I grew up, my father would often make these for saturday or sunday lunch, usually paired with boiled potatoes and some veggies.

While I never really missed eating meat after I stopped eating it, I sometimes miss the ‘schnitzel’ feeling of the fried egg and bread crumbs crust. So I decided to reinvent the ‘schnitzel’ in a vegan version – with celery as the meat, and a creamy mustard mixtures that replaces the egg. Since I planed to enjoy this as a light dinner, I paired it with some crisp lettuce and a light soy cream dressing. But you can of course pair the vegan ‘schnitzel’ with whatever you like!  Continue reading

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Apple celery root soup with thyme topping

apple celery root soup

Celery stalks is something I eat really often, 1) because I really love its fresh and crunchy flavour, and 2) because they are already in the perfect dip-and-munch shape and therefore perfect as a small snack when you are having a lazy moment. (Not that I would ever have any of those of course…) Root celery on the other hand is something I rarely buy, mostly because I too often think ‘why bother with a knobbly root if you can have crunchy stalks with pretty much the same flavour?’ Which is actually kind of discriminating against knobbly beings if you think of it.

So, this week I purposely bought a nice, lovely knobbly little celery root to make this special treat: apple celery soup. Don’t let yourself be fooled by the seemingly random fruit-vegetable combination – the flavours of apples and celery work perfectly together! Savoury, fresh and just slightly sweet – this soup will make you want to lick your plate clean! Just make sure not to use very sweet or mushy apples, crisp and slightly sour ones are the best choice for this dish. Also, even if you are feeling lazy, I would not recommend skipping the topping – it makes the soup go from ‘pretty good’ to ‘amazing’ in taste! But try it for yourself: Continue reading

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