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Holiday preparations: Mini vegan ‘meat loafs’

Vegan mini meat loafs

The holidays are approaching fast, and therefore it’s time to start with the first preparations! My mom got remarried in the summer, and this year we will celebrate the holidays in a big patchwork-family fashion – which makes dinner planning slightly more difficult than usual. While most members of my patchwork-family insist on having a roast on Christmas Eve (the current plans involve rabbit roast), my stepsister and I don’t eat meat, and my mom started to worry about what so serve us as meat-free alternative. And by ‘worry’ I mean she started pestering me with increasingly urgent sounding e-mails asking for recipes. So I went on a little ‘holiday¬†appropriate meat alternative invention’-trail, and tried out different types of dishes – with varying results. The vegan roast I tried to prepare came out kind of dry and crumbly, though that might be due to my probably-older-than-me stove. So, I changed tactics and went for pan-fried meat substitutes, and this recipe is the final result! The main ingredients are brown rice, rolled oats and mushrooms, which combine to a deliciously savoury flavour. You can also use quinoa or other grains instead of rice, I just went for the most common one to keep holiday shopping easier. Continue reading

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Sushi course part 1: Basic maki rolls with brown rice

Maki sushi with brown rice

I’m quite into sushi at the moment, and since eating take out all the time isn’t something I’m very fond of, I figured it couldn’t be to hard to make sushi myself. Turns out, it really isn’t! These maki rolls are filled with plain rice and a basic vegetable filling – I used cucumber and red ball pepper – though you can use whatever you like of course. There are much easier to make than inside-out rolls or other kinds, so I figured to start my little sushi course with these ones. I used brown rice for this, it’s slightly less sticky than white rice but works fine as a filling. I wouldn’t recommend using it for other types of sushi though, especially if you just start to make it on your own. Continue reading


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