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Getting-out-of-bed-worthy breakfast muffins

Breakfast muffins

I used to be one of the biggest night owls you can imagine, and while this has remarkably changed in the past years, I’m still not quite the early bird that I would like to be. Though I did discover that I am easily bribed in getting up early – either with the promise of a nice morning run or, even better, with food! Glorious food! And preferably something hassle-free that you only need to take from a tin before you dive right in. Just like these breakfast muffins – loaded with good stuff like carrots, apples, flax seed and wholemeal flour, sweet but not to sweet, and absolutely delicious!

The best part is, these muffins freeze really well, so you can make a batch of them on the weekend and then enjoy them throughout the next week(s)! If you take them from the freezer the night before and place them in your fridge, they will defrost completely until the next morning without drying out. Do you need any more reasons to give these a try? See how easily they are made: Continue reading


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Eat your greens: Potato salad with thyme and broccoli

potato salad with broccoli and thyme

Potato salad is a hazard for you daily calorie count? Not this one! Instead of mayonnaise or vegan mayonnaise alternatives, I used light soy joghurt mixed with a little soy cream for a light but still delicious dressing – trust me, you won’t miss anything. I also added one of my favourite vegetables – broccoli! It’s available pretty much all year round, easy to prepare and only needs to be simmered for about five minutes – perfect even for lazy people! (Not that I am ever lazy – ok, fine, I am.)

The young potatoes and broccoli work great together, and the light thyme dressing adds the perfect creamy yet savoury flavour you want in a potato salad. Even without mayonnaise! One last point: Depending on the brand of soy joghurt you use, you might want to add a little more lemon juice than I recommend in this recipe – sadly, some brands still add quite a bit of sugar to their soy products and you will need to balance this out with something sour. Just see what works best for you! Continue reading

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Banana poppy seed muffins with lemon glazing

Banana poppy seed muffins with lemon glazing

Do you know food combinations that sound a bit random at first but then prove to be absolutely delicious? Poppy seeds, bananas and lemon is certainly on of them! I accidently stumbled upon this when instead of coconut flakes, I once topped my breakfast of banana slices with lemon soy joghurt with poppy seeds (daydreaming anyone?). Which proved to be an amazing combination! I first wanted to combine these flavours in a banana bread recipe, but the dense texture of banana bread didn’t really go as well with the flavours. So, I tried to make the dough “fluffier” by adding joghurt and using margarine instead of vegetable oil (which for an unknown reason always helps in creating a fluffy texture). The result isn’t really a banana bread anymore, so I decided to bake this in a muffin dish. This way, I ended up with perfect muffins that where crisp on the outside, but soft and light on the inside – simply delicious! Make sure to always beat the batter to a fluffy texture before adding the next ingredients, and add the flour last to keep the muffins from getting to dense.  Continue reading

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Wholemeal pasta salad with green asparagus and garden radish

green asparagus wholemeal pasta salad with radish

I know, I know, asparagus season is almost over, so this post may be a little late – but it’s just way to good to not share it with you even in the last moment! I seems to be a quite random combination (well, it was sunday evening, my fridge was almost empty and I was starving…) but the flavours work really great together. I really recommend using wholemeal pasta for this salad, as the nutty flavour is a perfect combination with the green asparagus and crisp garden radish. I personally am a huge fan of wholemeal emmer pasta for its unique taste, but you can also use wholemeal wheat or spelt pasta. For the dressing, I used unsweetend soy yoghurt, though this should also work with any other plant or dairy joghurt. Continue reading

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