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Fame for The Uni Cookbook, a long break and the perfect autumn treat

baked figs with goat cheese

Hello my cooking comrades – it’s been a very long time since my last post, but a lot has happened in beetween. The main reason for my long break was that since my last post I have moved twice – first back in my childhood home and then into another city for my new university project – my PhD. Yes! I have finished my MA degree this summer and decided to stick to the university world just for a little bit longer.

And while I was busy with squeezing all my stuff in boxes, suitcases and cartons to be shipped from one home to the next, I completely missed a huge event for The Uni Cookbook: My blog was mentioned in this Guardian article by Fiona Beckett on “A new generation of student cooks” among other great blogs like nutmegs, seven by Elly McCausland and Poires au Chocolat by Emma Gardner – two awesome cooking blogs to check out for you, I have already saved them in my favourites and can highly recommend both of them!  Continue reading

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Dried tomato risotto with goat cheese

goat cheese risotto with sundried tomatoes

Who says that you always need to use parmesan cheese for a risotto? By using a different cheese, you can create a whole new range of flavours! This risotto is made with goat cream cheese – try it and you will love it! Continue reading

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Pasta with wild rocket goat cheese sauce

wild rocket pasta with goat cheese sauce

Wild rocket is one of my favourites in summer – it’s peppery taste works perfect combined with fruits or cheese in salads and with some leaves you can simply jazz up every sandwich. But it also works in other dishes than salad. This dish combines wild rocket with mild goat cheese for a perfect pasta sauce – go try yourself! Continue reading


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Filled mushrooms with tomatoes and goat cheese

Filled mushrooms with tomatoes and goat cheese

Recently I have seen something new in the shelves of my local supermarket: ready-made filled mushrooms. Ready-made. Seriously. As if it is so hard to do it yourself! Not to mention that they were heavily overpriced as well. So my solution was: Nick the idea, not the product. And instead of filling my mushrooms with what looked like an oddly mix of not identifiable vegetables topped with something that should probably considered to be some kind of cheese, I went for fresh tomatoes mixed with herbes and a mild goat cheese. No ready meal can beat this. Continue reading


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