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Wholemeal pasta salad with green asparagus and garden radish

green asparagus wholemeal pasta salad with radish

I know, I know, asparagus season is almost over, so this post may be a little late – but it’s just way to good to not share it with you even in the last moment! I seems to be a quite random combination (well, it was sunday evening, my fridge was almost empty and I was starving…) but the flavours work really great together. I really recommend using wholemeal pasta for this salad, as the nutty flavour is a perfect combination with the green asparagus and crisp garden radish. I personally am a huge fan of wholemeal emmer pasta for its unique taste, but you can also use wholemeal wheat or spelt pasta. For the dressing, I used unsweetend soy yoghurt, though this should also work with any other plant or dairy joghurt. Continue reading


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Cucumber radish salad with tomato and egg

Cucumber radish salad with egg

On hot summer days, I don’t want to cook a hot dish or spend a long time in the kitchen. But nibbling nothing but lettuce for weeks isn’t a great fun either, so I created a fresh summer salad with spicy radish and fresh cucumber, served along with a horse radish-topped egg. Bon app├ętit!

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