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Cherry chocolate muffins with a sweet surprise

cherry chocolate marzipan muffinsI didn’t really plan to be posting another “sweet” recipe so soon, but then my fellow PhD-students and me had a day-long meeting where we presented our projects to each other and our professor (because why suffer alone when you can also suffer in a group), and I figured that we might need a little sugar rush in between to get us trough the day. While going through my pantry to search for inspiration, I found a jar of cherries and a packet of marzipan – and what is a better combination than chocolate, cherries and marzipan? I also used almond milk to enhance the marzipan flavour, but you can use whatever (plant) milk you have in your pantry. These muffins turned out perfectly moist and fluffy, with a strong though not overpowering dark chocolate flavour that works perfectly with the sweet cherry and marzipan flavours. Truly delicious – and a perfect sweet and energizing snack!

I decided to use the marzipan as a filling instead of mixing it with the batter, though you could also chop the marzipan into much smaller pieces and just stir it in with the cherries – whatever you prefer! Since I was a little worried (as it turned out, completely unnecessary) that the marzipan filling might sink to the bottom of the muffins while in the oven, I didn’t shape the marzipan into balls but into coins, which is why you see a flat line of marzipan if you cut the muffin in half. For the more adventurous of you (or the more crafty ones), you could also make little hearts or other shapes from the marzipan. Continue reading

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Chocolate cake with ginger jam

chocolate cake with ginger jam

This cake was partly born from my monthly chocolate craving (hello hormonal cycle), and partly from a slight desperation regarding a jar of very ‘potent’ ginger jam. While I do love ginger in all sorts of sweet and savoury dishes, the aforementioned ginger jam has such an intense flavour, that even spreading it millimetre-thin on a slice of bread of toast isn’t enough to ‘neutralize’ it. Since very spicy ingredients are best balanced out with sweet ones, I decided to try to use the jam in a cake – and what’s a better combination than chocolate and ginger? So I used the recipe below to spice up an otherwise simple chocolate cake and ended up with a delicious chocolate ginger cake with just the right amount of spicy ginger and sweet dark chocolate flavours. I recommend adjusting the amount of ginger jam to your liking – or just go for a different kind of jam like raspberry or cherry. Continue reading


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Treat yourself: Two kinds of salty pretzel chocolates bites

pretzel chocolate bites

Salty chocolate treats? Hell yes! It may sound odd at first, but sweet and creamy chocolate is just perfect for combining with salty ingredients. A few of the ‘expensive’ chocolate brands do even sell chocolate bars topped with coarse salt or other hearty toppings – though for a rather budget-unfriendly price. You can however make the most delicious salty and crunchy chocolate treats all by yourself – with the magic ingredient ‘pretzels’. (You can also use pretzel sticks, though the round shape works better in my opinion.) They are the perfect mixture of salty and crunchy, and are pretty much fat-free which makes it easy to mix them with other ingredients. I made two versions of chocolate treats, one with white chocolate and dried cranberries, and one with dark chocolate and pumpkin seeds. Both balance their flavours pretty nicely: sourly cranberries meet sweet white chocolate and bittersweet dark chocolate meets savoury pumpkin seeds – truly delicious! Feel free to use whatever kind of chocolate you like, be it vegan rice milk-based chocolate or dairy-based chocolate – whatever you prefer. You can also try to use different dried fruits or seeds, the two versions presented here are merely suggestions! Continue reading

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