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Refreshing watermelon salad with cucumber and green olives

Watermelon salad cucumber green olives

Watermelons are a perfect treat in the summer – sweet, juicy, and if you keep it in the fridge it’s always a great cool snack to feast on. And here comes the best part: You can not only use it for sweet dishes and deserts, but also for a crisp and tangy salad! The only rule you have to follow with this is that you use a rather sourly dressing to balance the sweetness of the watermelon, so go for a dressing that uses a bit more vinegar, lemon or lime juice as you would normally go for. I used balsamic vinegar for this salad, which is always a great combination with olives and makes a nice balance for the sweet fruit. To make the dressing even a bit more savoury, I added a few drops of Worcester sauce, though you can leave this out if you don’t have some in your pantry. Or be a little adventurous and us a little Tabasco instead – simply try what you like best! Continue reading


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