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How to … make your own no knead bread

No Knead Bread Titel

Ok now, let’s be honest: Where do you buy bread? At a local bakery? At the supermarket? As much as we would probably all enjoy fresh bread from a quality bakery every day, you have to admit that bakeries are much more expensive than supermarkets. Especially for students, who often live on a tight budget anyway, fresh bakery bread is therefore more a treat saved for special occasions than an every day food.

But the good news is: You can make your own bread – as tasty as from a bakery, though much cheaper and with just 5 minutes of work per loaf. Yes, you will need no more than five minutes (plus baking time, obviously) to make an amazing loaf of bread! And, since the recipe below describes a no knead bread – no exhausting kneading! I have to confess,  my doubts were very high concerning no knead breads, since I still remember how my late grandmother once told me that in order for a bread to rise properly, you have to knead the dough for at least 10 minutes. Well, I’ve tried kneading for 10 minutes several times, and my bread never turned out as great as will the no knead method. So give it a try yourself!

Before we start: You can use whatever kind of flour you like for your bread, what I have written below is my personal favourite, but feel free to adjust it to your liking. Continue reading

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Home baking fever part II: Rye rolls

I really, really love rye bread and rolls, but here in England it’s a bit hard to get a good rye bread – you know how much the Britons love their toast! Even getting rye flour was a bit of an adventure, since I needed to walk through three supermarkets until I found wholemeal rye flour. But it was worth it!  Continue reading


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Home baking fever part I: Pizza buns

pitta buns with rosemary

The title basically says it all: I am really crazy about home baking at the moment. I started to get tired of English bread and rolls that are produced in a huge factory, frozen and then sold in the supermarket as ‘baked instore’. If you have never tried to bake your own bread or buns, you should really try it – it’s much less laborious and time-consuming as you might think (there’s no need to be standing next to the dough while it rises, so you can use the time for something else) and freshly bakes buns are sooooo delicious – give it a try!  Continue reading

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