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For a healthier sunday brunch: Guilt-free mini plum cakes

Mini plum cakes

If you want to treat yourself without going on a chocolate binge – these little mini plum cakes are just the right thing for you! I made them for a sunday brunch, but you can of course enjoy them any other day for breakfast or for desert. I tried to make these as healthy as possible, so these cakes are fat free (well, if you forget about the fat used for greasing the muffin tin), contain only a minimum of added sugar and are made with wholemeal spelt flour instead of all purpose wheat flour. But don’t worry, they are still delicious!  Continue reading

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Cherry chocolate muffins with a sweet surprise

cherry chocolate marzipan muffinsI didn’t really plan to be posting another “sweet” recipe so soon, but then my fellow PhD-students and me had a day-long meeting where we presented our projects to each other and our professor (because why suffer alone when you can also suffer in a group), and I figured that we might need a little sugar rush in between to get us trough the day. While going through my pantry to search for inspiration, I found a jar of cherries and a packet of marzipan – and what is a better combination than chocolate, cherries and marzipan? I also used almond milk to enhance the marzipan flavour, but you can use whatever (plant) milk you have in your pantry. These muffins turned out perfectly moist and fluffy, with a strong though not overpowering dark chocolate flavour that works perfectly with the sweet cherry and marzipan flavours. Truly delicious – and a perfect sweet and energizing snack!

I decided to use the marzipan as a filling instead of mixing it with the batter, though you could also chop the marzipan into much smaller pieces and just stir it in with the cherries – whatever you prefer! Since I was a little worried (as it turned out, completely unnecessary) that the marzipan filling might sink to the bottom of the muffins while in the oven, I didn’t shape the marzipan into balls but into coins, which is why you see a flat line of marzipan if you cut the muffin in half. For the more adventurous of you (or the more crafty ones), you could also make little hearts or other shapes from the marzipan. Continue reading

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Getting-out-of-bed-worthy breakfast muffins

Breakfast muffins

I used to be one of the biggest night owls you can imagine, and while this has remarkably changed in the past years, I’m still not quite the early bird that I would like to be. Though I did discover that I am easily bribed in getting up early – either with the promise of a nice morning run or, even better, with food! Glorious food! And preferably something hassle-free that you only need to take from a tin before you dive right in. Just like these breakfast muffins – loaded with good stuff like carrots, apples, flax seed and wholemeal flour, sweet but not to sweet, and absolutely delicious!

The best part is, these muffins freeze really well, so you can make a batch of them on the weekend and then enjoy them throughout the next week(s)! If you take them from the freezer the night before and place them in your fridge, they will defrost completely until the next morning without drying out. Do you need any more reasons to give these a try? See how easily they are made: Continue reading

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Almost healthy ‘New Year’s resolution’ cookies with pink and white glazing

Dinosaur Chia Cookies

New Year’s Eve is approaching fast, and many of us start to ponder what they want to change in the next twelve months – be it finally starting to save money, not postponing chores for another TV marathon or broaden your horizon. Many people though focus on their health, which is the reason why your favourite gym tends to be cramped with newbies every January (who tend to disappear around the beginning of February at the latest).

Another popular resolution is to completely stop eating sweets and treats, which is an enterprise bound to shipwreck. If you have ever been on a diet before, you know that telling yourself something like ‘I will not be eating chocolate for two weeks’ will only result in you thinking about chocolate 24/7, until you find yourself in the sweet aisle of your local supermarket with the mindset of a drug addict on cold turkey.

So, if you actually want to do something for your health, your New Year resolutions shouldn’t consist of a ban on all sweets, but of a plan to focus on healthier – or even downright healthy – treats. This cookie recipe is something that could help you with that – you get the sweetness and crumbliness of home baked sugar cookies, but with less sugar and almost no fat. I’ve also added some chia seeds to squeeze in some nutritional value, though you can easily skip those if you want. All in all, why these cookies are still not exactly healthy, they are at least way more wholesome than any sugar and fat laden treats you would dive in to once you couldn’t stand to be sweet-celibate anymore. Continue reading

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How to … make your own no knead bread

No Knead Bread Titel

Ok now, let’s be honest: Where do you buy bread? At a local bakery? At the supermarket? As much as we would probably all enjoy fresh bread from a quality bakery every day, you have to admit that bakeries are much more expensive than supermarkets. Especially for students, who often live on a tight budget anyway, fresh bakery bread is therefore more a treat saved for special occasions than an every day food.

But the good news is: You can make your own bread – as tasty as from a bakery, though much cheaper and with just 5 minutes of work per loaf. Yes, you will need no more than five minutes (plus baking time, obviously) to make an amazing loaf of bread! And, since the recipe below describes a no knead bread – no exhausting kneading! I have to confess,  my doubts were very high concerning no knead breads, since I still remember how my late grandmother once told me that in order for a bread to rise properly, you have to knead the dough for at least 10 minutes. Well, I’ve tried kneading for 10 minutes several times, and my bread never turned out as great as will the no knead method. So give it a try yourself!

Before we start: You can use whatever kind of flour you like for your bread, what I have written below is my personal favourite, but feel free to adjust it to your liking. Continue reading

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Spicy pumpkin muffins with almonds and dark chocolate

spicy pumpkin muffins with dark chocolate and almonds

Yes, we’re not even close to Halloween, but I saw the first pumpkins in the store this week and I just couldn’t resist… Since any hearty pumpkin dish screamed way to much ‘summer’s gone!’ for my taste, I raided my pantry for any inspirational ingredients for something sweet, and this is the result! Pumpkin and dark chocolate always make a great combination, and the ground and flaked almonds add just a hint of marzipan flavour to it. To jazz things up a little bit, I also added some cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg to the batter. The muffins came out absolutely delicious, with just the right blend of chocolate and pumpkin flavour. Admittedly, this is not a low calorie treat, though I did try to make them a little more ‘healthy’ by using mostly wholemeal flour. If you don’t trust your self control to not eat them all in one go (they are tasty enough for this), they also freeze really well, so just put them in a freezer bag and have a nice, delicious snack for you ready at anytime! Continue reading

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Wholemeal pasta salad with green asparagus and garden radish

green asparagus wholemeal pasta salad with radish

I know, I know, asparagus season is almost over, so this post may be a little late – but it’s just way to good to not share it with you even in the last moment! I seems to be a quite random combination (well, it was sunday evening, my fridge was almost empty and I was starving…) but the flavours work really great together. I really recommend using wholemeal pasta for this salad, as the nutty flavour is a perfect combination with the green asparagus and crisp garden radish. I personally am a huge fan of wholemeal emmer pasta for its unique taste, but you can also use wholemeal wheat or spelt pasta. For the dressing, I used unsweetend soy yoghurt, though this should also work with any other plant or dairy joghurt. Continue reading

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