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Napa cabbage salad with nuts and fruits

Napa cabbage salad with fruits and nuts

Winter is cabbage season – the vegetable section in every supermarket are bursting at the seams with  with red and white cabbage, broccoli, kohlrabi, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts. And with a little luck, you can also get you hands on some more exotic kinds – like Napa cabbage, which also goes by celery cabbage, Chinese cabbage, Chinese Leaf or Wong Bok. It has a lovely, mild cabbage flavour and crunchy, yet soft leaves, so unlike some other cabbage kinds, you can also enjoy it raw. I used it to make a delicious, savoury but sweet salad with apples and cranberries, topped with a few nuts for some extra crunch. You can also use different fruits – I was thinking raisins and braised apricots – to adjust the salad to your liking. Continue reading

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