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Treat yourself: Two kinds of salty pretzel chocolates bites

pretzel chocolate bites

Salty chocolate treats? Hell yes! It may sound odd at first, but sweet and creamy chocolate is just perfect for combining with salty ingredients. A few of the ‘expensive’ chocolate brands do even sell chocolate bars topped with coarse salt or other hearty toppings – though for a rather budget-unfriendly price. You can however make the most delicious salty and crunchy chocolate treats all by yourself – with the magic¬†ingredient ‘pretzels’. (You can also use pretzel sticks, though the round shape works better in my opinion.) They are the perfect mixture of salty and crunchy, and are pretty much fat-free which makes it easy to mix them with other ingredients. I made two versions of chocolate treats, one with white chocolate and dried cranberries, and one with dark chocolate and pumpkin seeds. Both balance their flavours pretty nicely: sourly cranberries meet sweet white chocolate and bittersweet dark chocolate meets savoury pumpkin seeds – truly delicious! Feel free to use whatever kind of chocolate you like, be it vegan rice milk-based chocolate or dairy-based chocolate – whatever you prefer. You can also try to use different dried fruits or seeds, the two versions presented here are merely suggestions! Continue reading

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