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Apple cinnamon streusel cake with raisins and almond flakes

apple cinnamon streusel cake

Ok, posting a admittedly not very guilt-free cake recipe shortly after New Year’s eve is probably not very supportive of your resolutions towards healthy food (if you made any), but this one is just too delicious to keep from you. Besides, you don’t have to bake it right now, do you? And there’s loads of fruit in it! And, ok, as in every streusel cake quite a bit of fat, but sometimes you just have to reward yourself for your amazing restraint regarding chocolate. (Self-deception? Me? Never…).

This recipe is calculated for a 23 cm diameter springform tin, and when my father and his girlfriend came over to my place for a ‘post Christmas tea’ the three of us managed to polish off half the cake – it’s seriously this good! Continue reading

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