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Boozy New Year “Fortune Cookies” with almonds

New Year Cookies

When I went shopping for Christmas cookie cutters recently, I found those really cute lucky charm shaped ones – and I ended up walking home with them instead of any festive shapes. So, this year it’s New Year cookies instead of Christmas cookies! And since New Year calls for a little booze, I decorated them with Amaretto frosting, so make sure not to hand those to kids. If you don’t like almonds or amaretto, you can always use hazelnuts or walnuts and any other kind of liqueur you like.  Continue reading


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Fall for breakfast: vegan pumpkin pancakes

pumpkin pancakes

Since we are officially entering into the sweater weather season, it’s time to treat yourself to make the loss of summer a little easier. Every year around the end of september, with every day that passes I find it harder and harder to get out of bed every morning because I simply miss the the sunlight filtering through the blinds of my bedroom. So when I eventually manage to drag my lazy body out of bed and through the bathroom, I like to reward myself with something sweet for breakfast. In the early fall, this is one of my favorite recipes: Pumpkin pancakes with a subtle but distinct pumpkin spice flavor! I don’t use store-bought pumpkin spice but mix it myself, but you can of course simply substitute the spices below with the corresponding amount of premixed pumpkin spice.  Continue reading

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Sinfully decadent (albeit guilt-free!) carrot cake porridge

carrot cake porridge

Carrot cake for breakfast – who doesn’t dream of this? Though while carrot cake contains, well, healthy carrots, it is also often loaded with sugar and fat, so not really something you could enjoy as a healthy start of your day. Since I am not only a huge carrot cake fan, but also have a soft spot for a bowl of warm porridge in the cold season, I decided to mix the two into a delicious, albeit healthy breakfast dish. I recommend using vanilla soy milk for this, as it is sweet enough so you don’t need to add any more sugar (unless you have a really sweet tooth, in this case you can add a little brown sugar). Continue reading

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