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Vegan beet root ‘mac and cheese’

vegen beet root mac and cheese

I have to admit, I never really got the fuss about mac and cheese. I mean it’s white pasta with cheese – what’s so special about it? To be a ‘proper’ dish for me, there is a distinct lack of vegetables in there. That being said, this dish was heavily inspired by a vegan mac and cheese version I one tried to make (and found a bit lacking the wow-factor, if you get my drift). But I decided to jazz things up by adding beet root, which not only gives the dish a bright pink color, but also gives it a real boost in flavor. If you are not really a fan of the ‘earthy’ taste of beet roots, don’t worry, the creamy (cheese) sauce balances this out very nicely. Just give it a try!  Continue reading


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Fried celery ‘schnitzel’ with lettuce salad

celery schnitzel

Do you know what a ‘schnitzel’ is? In german speaking countries, ‘schnitzel’ describes a slim, boneless piece of meat that is first dipped in flour, then a beaten egg, and finally in bread crumbs before getting deep- or pan-fried. When I grew up, my father would often make these for saturday or sunday lunch, usually paired with boiled potatoes and some veggies.

While I never really missed eating meat after I stopped eating it, I sometimes miss the ‘schnitzel’ feeling of the fried egg and bread crumbs crust. So I decided to reinvent the ‘schnitzel’ in a vegan version – with celery as the meat, and a creamy mustard mixtures that replaces the egg. Since I planed to enjoy this as a light dinner, I paired it with some crisp lettuce and a light soy cream dressing. But you can of course pair the vegan ‘schnitzel’ with whatever you like!  Continue reading

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