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Banana poppy seed muffins with lemon glazing

Banana poppy seed muffins with lemon glazing

Do you know food combinations that sound a bit random at first but then prove to be absolutely delicious? Poppy seeds, bananas and lemon is certainly on of them! I accidently stumbled upon this when instead of coconut flakes, I once topped my breakfast of banana slices with lemon soy joghurt with poppy seeds (daydreaming anyone?). Which proved to be an amazing combination! I first wanted to combine these flavours in a banana bread recipe, but the dense texture of banana bread didn’t really go as well with the flavours. So, I tried to make the dough “fluffier” by adding joghurt and using margarine instead of vegetable oil (which for an unknown reason always helps in creating a fluffy texture). The result isn’t really a banana bread anymore, so I decided to bake this in a muffin dish. This way, I ended up with perfect muffins that where crisp on the outside, but soft and light on the inside – simply delicious! Make sure to always beat the batter to a fluffy texture before adding the next ingredients, and add the flour last to keep the muffins from getting to dense.  Continue reading

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