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Vegan butternut squash risotto

butternut squash risotto

Sometimes the simplest of things are the best! When your pantry is overflowing with pumpkins and squash in the fall and you can’t stand the smell of pumpkin spice any more, this simple risotto might be the perfect dish for you. It really brings out the creamy and savoury-sweet flavor of butternut squash and works perfectly as a side dish in a cozy fall dinner or makes a satisfying main course with a crisp salad on the side. By the way, if you don’t want to or can’t use white wine, simply replace it with the equal amount of vegetable broth.  Continue reading


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Fennel risotto with lemon and white beans

fennel white bean lemon risotto

I love a big bowl of hot and creamy risotto – it warms you just like a soup on a cold fall or winter day, but is more filling and so more satisfying for a hungry stomach. And it’s really easy to make and extremely versatile since you can add pretty much all kinds of veggies you have at hand. You can also mix several vegetables or legumes in your risotto – just like fennel and white beans. To add a little extra flavor, I added some lemon juice and zest, which really took the dish from ‘good’ to ‘wow’.  Just make sure to add the lemon right before serving, this way you get the best and most intense lemon flavor.  Continue reading

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Vegan beet root ‘mac and cheese’

vegen beet root mac and cheese

I have to admit, I never really got the fuss about mac and cheese. I mean it’s white pasta with cheese – what’s so special about it? To be a ‘proper’ dish for me, there is a distinct lack of vegetables in there. That being said, this dish was heavily inspired by a vegan mac and cheese version I one tried to make (and found a bit lacking the wow-factor, if you get my drift). But I decided to jazz things up by adding beet root, which not only gives the dish a bright pink color, but also gives it a real boost in flavor. If you are not really a fan of the ‘earthy’ taste of beet roots, don’t worry, the creamy (cheese) sauce balances this out very nicely. Just give it a try!  Continue reading

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