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Buckwheat pasta with courgette and white beans

Buckwheat pasta with white beans and courgette

Last Sunday, I decided to start this year’s outdoor running season (I use a treadmill during the winter), and of course, I ended up overdoing it. Apparently,  even the combination of regular treadmill running and strength training focussing on your thighs and buttocks isn’t enough to prepare you for running up several hills in the course of one 35 minute run. Especially if it’s pretty damn windy. Since I still felt pretty spent a couple of hours later, I decided for a lunch rich in protein and carbs to help me refuel my energy so I wouldn’t just spend the rest of the day channel surfing on my sofa.

I always have a couple cans of beans or lentils in my pantry – while it is usually cheaper to cook them yourself, it often takes hours (literally) to cook them, so if you want a quick lunch or dinner, go for the canned ones. I also had an previously unopened package of buckwheat pasta that I still needed to give a try, so I decided on a quick buckwheat pasta dish with white beans and courgette, seasoned with lime juice and a little sage. This recipe takes you just about 10 to 12 minutes to prepare, and the result is a really delicious and energizing dish with a great combination of flavours – you will be surprised how well white beans, sage and lime juice work together! And the best part: After lunch I finally stopped felling worn out! This might become a regular post-workout dish for me. Continue reading


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Couscous with green beans, peppers and joghurt-lime sauce

Couscous with green beans and joghurt lime sauce

I’ve heard a lot of people say that they don’t really know what to do with couscous – or even how to cook it. Though, it is quick and easy to make and you can use it in many delicious dishes. Just like this one: It combines couscous with spicy curry, fresh green beans and ball peppers with a sauce from joghurt and lime. And believe me, preparing the couscous is the easiest and quickest part of it! 😉  Continue reading

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