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Kohlrabi carpaccio with cranberry walnut pesto

kohlrabi carpaccio with cranberry walnut pesto

It always amazes me how a few very simple (and budget friendly) ingredients can turn into a very fancy looking and tasting dish with just a little creativity and carefully garnished plates. For this dish for example, I used kohlrabi as the main ingredient, which is a kind of cabbage that is very common (and inexpensive) in German speaking countries. It can be eaten raw or cooked, and has a mild cabbage flavor that works great in salads, hearty stews or as a side dish. I combined it with a sweet yet savory pesto made from cranberries and walnuts and served it on a bed of lambs lettuce.┬áBy the way, if you have any leftovers or simply don’t need all the pesto and veggies for serving, use it as a sandwich filling – absolutely delicious! Continue reading

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