How to… make scrambled eggs

scrambled eggs with toast and lambs lettuce

Sunday morning, you are still a bit sleepy and just need something to give you enough energy for the day? Then why not try to start your breakfast with some scrambled eggs?

Scrambled eggs are a real cooking basic and with a little toast and fresh lettuce, they even make up a great dinner! For the basic recipe to make scrambled eggs, all you need is – of course – eggs (I always take two medium-sized eggs per person, but you can change this if you are more or less hungry), a splash of milk, salt, pepper and some oil for the pan.

mixed eggs with chivesCrack the eggs and mix them with a splash of milk (about one tablespoon per egg) in a small bowl or a cup. If you want very basic scramled eggs, now just add some salt and pepper for seasoning. If you want to try something new, add some chives or other herbs to the eggs. Another version is to season the eggs with a pinch of paprika or curry.

Now heat a little oil in a pan. If you want to, you can now roast some chopped onion or a few cherry tomatoes to give you scrambled eggs some extra taste. When the oil is hot (test this with dipping a wooden spoon into it, when there are bubbles coming up, the oil is hot enough), pour the egg-milk-mix into the pan. Reduce the heat a bit, and stir the eggs well while you let them set. Your scrambled eggs are done when they are still a little creamy and not to “dry”.

Tip: As scrambled eggs is such a basic recipe, you can do almost everything to expand it. I personally like the version with some tomatoes best, but you may find another one that matches your taste best. Try for example to roast some mushrooms, prawns or spring onions in the pan before adding the eggs. You can also mix the eggs with some cheese or experiment with differnt herbs – the only limit is your fridge!


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  1. I love it. I pretend I cook a great omelette, but I have a pan that buckles upwards in the middle so it’s difficult to flip half way through. I tried adding peppers, ham, tomatoes and cheese to one on Tuesday, but it came out a lot more like scrambled eggs.


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