A cooking blog? For students?

Do students need a cooking blog? You may think: „No, I have better things to do than reading about how to peel tomatoes and 10 ways of cooking pasta.“ But is the real reason why you avoid any closer contact to pans and pots really the “I have no time”-aspect, or do you prefer ready-meals over cooking because you never really learnt how to cook? If that’s the case, congratulations, you just found the perfect website to enhance your cooking skills.

I am a student myself, and in September 2010 I moved from my hometown Munich to London to study at the City University. Among my new friends and neighbours in my hall, I could soon see more cooking rookies than I would have thought. When moving away from home, many students suddenly find out that they kind of missed the cooking classes with their moms: when you never really had to cook, or only had to chop onions while someone else did the rest, basic things like scrambled eggs can be a real challenge. Is it just eggs? Do I to add milk? Or cream? Or something completely different? Do I need a lot of oil? And how can I make mashed potatoes if I don’t want to use the instant stuff from the supermarket? You will find answers to these basic questions if you click here or on the Cooking Basics button at the top. Gradually, I will put up more and more tips and basic recipes up in this section, so you can start with easy ones before going on to real dishes. You will find a selection of various kinds of dishes in the recipe-section – from little snacks and desserts to pasta, soups and salads.

Last but not least, the Conscious Eating page will give you advise on issues like the differences between organic and conventional food, how our food is produced and if this could affect our health.

If you have any comments, ideas or thoughts about this website, please feel free to contact me at theunicookbook@gmail.com. I’m looking forward to your mails!

Yours Anka


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  1. I am a student and cooking blogs are very useful 🙂 we need all the help we can get in the kitchen after all haha 😀

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